[Urdu translation] Floods in Pakistan: Rethinking the humanitarian role

By Paul Harvey, Abby Stoddard, Lewis Sida, Nigel Timmins, Shafqat Munir Ahmed, Meriah-Jo Breckenridge, Shoaib Jillani
December 2022

The scale of the flooding in Pakistan since June 2022 is immense, with impacts exceeding previous disasters such as the 2010 floods. An estimated 33 million people have been affected, with 7.9 million displaced, and an estimated US$30 billion in combined losses and damages. Large parts of Sindh and some areas in other provinces remain inundated. Pakistan’s government and civil society entities are struggling to mount a commensurately large-scale humanitarian response that can meet critical needs, with a fraction of the international humanitarian funding and operational support that was mobilised in 2010.

Evidence from interviews, available data, and a survey of affected people suggests that the international relief response to date has fallen well short of the need, raising fears for the prospects of recovery.

This report is in Urdu. The English version of the report is available here.

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Harvey, P., Stoddard, A., Sida, L., Timmins, N., Munir Ahmed, S., Breckenridge, M.-J., & Jilliani, S. (2022). Floods in Pakistan: Rethinking the humanitarian role. Humanitarian Outcomes.