The Added Value of Flexible Funding to the ICRC

June 2020

This report is based on 36 interviews with ICRC staff (33% female, 66% male) at headquarters and in the field (from eight different ICRC delegations) and representatives from five donor countries. In addition, it includes an analysis of secondary data and documentation provided by the ICRC and of documentation developed as part of the Grand Bargain work on Enhanced Quality Funding. The interviews, review of secondary data and documents, and analysis were carried out by an independent consultant.

The two objectives of the study are to:

  1. showcase and document how flexible funding enables the ICRC to fulfill its mandate, in a neutral, impartial and independent manner, to rapidly respond to identified humanitarian needs; and
  2. identify and map out patterns in the allocation and use of flexible funding in armed conflict and other situations of violence (before, during and after crises).

Suggested Citation


Kreidler, C. (2020). The Added Value of Flexible Funding to the ICRC. International Committee of the Red Cross.